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Well, perhaps not completely accurate but entering 100000 as the code for Beijing does change the location to China. If I enter in Beijing, it does alter the long/lat slightly but the country remains China. But the point was that everything gets updated except the sunrise/sunset and time.

I do not get a popup regarding 30 seconds but I can see the changes in the fields that are changing happening almost instantly. Maybe a second or two. My internet speed is 125mb down and 12 up so that could account for this.

I disconnected the app from the gateway and then reconnected it. Still no progress as it remains the same with no times updates. Should we be considering a malfunctioning HG? Are we positive your cloud servers are providing all the information required? I assume no one else currently has this issue?

I’m not being “snippy” but rather already have quite a bit invested in this system and just want to feel comfortable that it is and will be dependable. If it weren’t for this time issue, everything else has been great. But everything else depends on the time so I go back to my “achilles heel” analogy. Thanks again for your help.