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Definitely, if it runs as intended 100% of the time then there’s no issue. I’ve had this HG up and running for a relatively short time (just a few months now) so I’m sure you can appreciate my initial lack of confidence in this system. I work in IT so I know there are always going to be some sort of issue rear it’s head periodically but there are critical devices (4 sprinkler controllers in drought ridden CA) this unit is controlling that need to be up 99.9% of the time. Hopefully, this issue can be resolved to get us there.

I’ll save a log should this happen again. Do you have a link to instructions of how to do this? This issue may have happened previously as similar instances of timing issues have taken place before, but in those, I wasn’t aware of the culprit. Thanks for your attention regarding this matter. It’s much appreciated having such rapid response from you.