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Upgraded to the new firmware 1.14.8 using Dhawal’s steps below, and all worked flawlessly. So happy to be able to receive the e-mail messages once again. Looking forward to adding more devices and creating additional wizards.

So happy to hear something will be implemented to save different profiles for different occasions as in examples of at home or on vacation scenarios.

As always Dhawal and the rest of the folks…Thanks again!!

Follow the steps below to upgrade:

1. $ cp -rf /etc/zbp /etc/zbp-bk;uninstall_zbpservices.sh;cd /tmp/;
wget http://repo.smartenit.com/ZBPServer/pogo/zbpserver.sh;
chmod 777 zbpserver.sh;./zbpserver.sh

2. Pogo will reboot after new installation. Log back in.

3. $ killall -9 zmonitor.sh zbp_services;cp /etc/zbp-bk/*.bin /etc/zbp/;/sbin/reboot