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I plugged the EZSnsRF into an outlet inside my garage (by the way, what is the minimum operating temperature of this thing? It can get down below freezing in the garage in the winter!).

I walked out to the end of the driveway (about 100 feet away from the EZSnsRF). I have a test program that responds to any of the 6 devices I was able to get working, and it flashes the garage floodlights.

I was able to press the button on the UT-3000 (and see the floodlights flash), only about 10 feet past the end of the driveway! So much for the supposed 600 foot range of these sensors! 😥

And forget about anything blocking the signal. I had the garage door open, and I could clearly see the EZSnsRF from where I was standing (pushing the UT-3000 button!), so I had direct line-of-sight! 😯

I was hoping to at least reach across the road (maybe 130-140 feet) to use one of the UT-3000 in my mailbox, and to be able to press the UT-3000 button from my car as it approached the driveway (as a long-range and souped-up garage door opener / welcome home program.)

So how do I extend the range of the EZSnsRF and/or it’s sensors?

I am now thinking of running a 100 foot extension cord out, to mount the EZSnsRF up in the trees near the end of the driveway. I’d need an weatherproof enclosure. But then I’d be even more worried about the minimum operating temperature.