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Alright, now I have 6 out of 9 working, so I think I’ll quit there, before I mess up what I do have working! ūüôĄ

Thinking there was some order dependency, and seeing that adding the 4 on one frequency first (which is 0x54 in my case), then the second frequency (0x55) did NOT work, I tried starting with the second frequency first once, then alternating the frequency, as follows:

55-00 (became .2?)
54-00 – .1
55-01 – .3
54-01 – .4
55-10 – .5
54-10 – .6

And now .1 thru .6 all are working! Then I continued

55-11 – .7 doesn’t work
54-11 – .8 doesn’t work

I repeated trying to connect 55-11 and 54-11, and nothing changed (still .7 and .8, still don’t work).

Just for grins, I also tried:
56-00 – .9 – doesn’t work

So now I have 6 codes that work (and 3 dead ones I’ll just leave there), I’ll call that good enough. Especially since I can put both driveway burial sensors on the same code. (I don’t really care which one it is, I just need the coverage). And I can also put both driveway motion detectors on another code together. (Again, I don’t really care which one has picked up a delivery guy walking down the driveway, or a deer!). That leaves me 4 codes for my 4 UT-3000s.