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This is getting more frustrating. There seemed to be some order dependency, but now I’m not sure. Here’s my attempts:

1. Added .1 and .2, but they didn’t work. (I can tell right away, because the Current State box is blank instead of saying “Off”.) I added .3 and it did work, so I thought there was something magical about order. But unfortunately, I can’t just delete the links that don’t work from the ISY – it insists on making you delete all of them and start over.

2. So I added .3 first (forgetting to reset the SnSRF), then I could add .1, .2, and .4 and they all worked (all 4 units on the same base frequency). But when I tried adding .5 on a different frequency, it did not work.

3. So I deleted the links and reset the SnSRF, then I added .1 thru .4 and none of them work!

My procedure:
1. Delete the SnSRF links on the ISY.
2. Reset the SnSRF (hold the set button while plugging it in – tone sounds and red light shows. A few seconds later the tone stops. I release the set button and the light goes green. I can tell when I have done this, because the first device added after the reset is .1, no matter what the unit code.
3. In ISY, do Link Management -> Add Sensor to EZSnSRF, then I get the 7 part instruction window.
4. I press and hold the Set button until the LED starts a slow flash.
5. I click the button on the UT3000 (since that’s the easiest way to set all the device codes, rather than trying to drive my car over the burial sensor while also hitting buttons on the computer!). The SnSRF clicks and the LED goes to a fast flash.
6. I click OK, and windows pop up in the background while it transmits the link stuff. But the 7-part instructions stay on the screen.
7. I press and hold the Set button until the LED goes off.
8. Since I don’t want a timer, I press and hold the Set button again until the LED goes on steady.
9. I press OK again on the 7-part instruction window.