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Hi Steve,

We are in the process of updating the iOS App, please try using the Desktop App or Android App if possible, because they have been upgraded to the latest.

The problem I see with your setup is unreliable Insteon communication. You have been a long time insteon user, but I ask because I have to ask:
— Do you have any power supply adapters on the same strip as the Gateway>? Is your power strip surge protected?
— The Gateway is not dual band, so you will need access points or other dual band device next to Gateway to communicate with devices that are not on the same phase.
— It is possible that some audio-video devices, computers, power strips, or other electrical equipment may attenuate INSTEON signals on the power line.

If possible can you record the log using putty, we will be able to figure out what’s happening by looking at the log. We want this to work for you, so if you want please call us and we can help with troubleshooting over the phone.

Thanks for your patience.