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@grif091 wrote:

The ISY Query has to be done against the first node which is Output 1. A Query to this node queries all Inputs and Relays..

I don’t have a Query button on the ISY device page for Output 1. I have to Query all devices in my ISY device list.

@grif091 wrote:

What “output control” is used to change the relay state?

Output 1

@grif091 wrote:

If the Utility is being used to turn a Relay On/Off that will not be reported back to the ISY.

For today’s test I was not using the Utility. I was making changes solely from the ISY. And the output is getting reported back to the ISY as soon as the relay clicks.

@grif091 wrote:

A change to an Input state would normally generate a state change message sent to the ISY. How is the Input being controlled?

And that’s the part that is not working. The input is essentially a loop back of the output for this test (Input 1 = Output 1, Input 2 = Output 2).

@grif091 wrote:

The expectation is a change in Input status should be reported to the ISY. A Tools | Diagnostics | Show Device Links Table and Compare will show if the required links are in the EZIO8SA. There also has to be links in the PLM for it to receive the messages from the EZIO8SA.

I was hoping all this stuff was automatically set up which I linked the 8SA into the ISY. But I try running what you suggest.