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OK, I now have the PLMs for the ISY and 8SA plugged in to the same power strip (no, not surge protected), and I don’t see much improvement. But query seems to help.

In the ISY Admin console, I don’t have a Query button on the individual input device screen. If I click on the folder where I’ve grouped the 8SA controls there is a Query button but it’s dead, so I thought I had no way to query. But, if I click on the main ISY folder that lists all devices, then Query works. When I click Query I seem to get a reliable report back from the 8SA inputs. Meaning, I click the output control to change the relay, then go to ISY and click Query, then I see the input change. But the input report on the ISY doesn’t change unless I do the Query.

That makes me worry / wonder: If I want to use an 8SA input to trigger a program (and I do – that’s the whole point):
A: will the program trigger unless I do a manual query? Or,
B: does having an 8SA input in a program condition automatically query the 8SA? And how often?