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The EZIO8SA Relays do not report state changes made by a Controller (Utility in this case) so the ISY would not be aware of changes to the Relays by the Utility. A Query of the EZIO8SA from the ISY will update the Relay status.

Make sure EZIO8SA Inputs 5 & 6 are connected to EZIO8SA GND. These inputs are floating (because they can process Analog) and will often generate Input state change messages if not locked to GND.

If the EZIO8SA Inputs report state changes some of the time the link records between the EZIO8SA and the ISY/PLM are okay. That suggests a comm problem between the EZIO8SA location and the ISY PLM. Or it could be Inputs 5 & 6 are generating enough false messages to interfere with normal communication.