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Hi there wingman!

Thank you for your post and interest in our products.

So, just to be sure I understand the operation of the Somfy controller you have correctly. You need one contact closure for open, one for close and one to stop?

If that is the case, then the EZIO4O would do the trick. I’m not aware if Mobilinc will interface with the EZIO4O, however. If they have any contacts you could confirm with, that would be great.

Otherwise, worst case scenario…you could purchase the EZIO4O, try it out and return it within 14 days if it doesn’t suit your needs.

On a side note, we do offer a free mobile and desktop application for our gateways to control the majority of our INSTEON and ZigBee devices. Our gateway solutions range from $70+ to $200. So, if Mobilelinc won’t control it for some reason…you could still get the job done with our gateway and application.

I hope that helps!

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