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Wow. Thanks for the quick response, especially since it’s the weekend.

The biggest problem is authentication errors when opening the apps (both Android and web app). Progress messages show connection made, but then show either password error or authentication error (can’t remember exact messages). I can always subsequently get into web interface on the gateway, and rebooting the gateway always clears the problem immediately, but generally the next time I try to get in I have the same problem. Never goes more than a day without having to reboot to get in.

Another problem is getting the wizards to work correctly. Often when I would log in, the state of some switches was not what I expected based on the schedule that I had set up. I had thought this was related not being able to log in (some type of partial lock-up), but yesterday I started checking every 45 minutes or so and saw a light had gone on at a totally unexpected time. I found that the sntp.bin file contains “Error Getting Time from SNTP: -12” (in hex), so I’m thinking maybe the internal clock is not being set correctly after reboots.

Also, the state of the output terminals on a Smarthome I/O Linc device seem to change from time to time, even though there is no wizard for this device and no other Insteon controllers in the house.

Since there are several apparently unrelated problems, I figured a simple explanation might be that some file corruption had occurred that hosed everything up, and it might be corrected by starting over with a clean slate. What are your thoughts?