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The schematic for the 2412 base module {Powerlinc III} is in the latest Insteon Developers Guide and the earlier separate PLM Developers Guide.
I have never seen any 2413 base module schematics.
The Developers Kits are $199 for documentation and forum access. $249 if you add the hardware kits to the mix.
For a short time Smarthome had the link to the older PLM Developers Guide on the sales pages and you may still find someone who downloaded it.
AARtech had it on their site until I recently looked. Now it is gone.

If you can safely do it. With the daughter card out. Measure the voltage on the 1000uF, 25V and 470uF, 50V capacitors.
They are both radial lead capacitors mounted on their side. So access to their leads is not to difficult.