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What you see is the expected behaviour. The 3 buttons send On/Off command when the device has a binding with another device.

For e.g You can Bind a Button to control a Zigbee SmartPlug. Once you have a binding, every time you press the button, the ZBWS3 sends a Toggle command to the SmartPlug.

So what you want to do is create a binding in the ZBWS3 for the SmartPlug. On the Gateway you will be able to see the SmartPlug turn On/Off, but not anything from the ZBWS3.

You can create bindings through API or manually.

1. Manually: Explained in the ZBWS3 QuickStart Guide:

2. Through API:
u16DestAdd = ZBWS3 address
u8SrcEP = 1 for Button1, 2 for Button 2 and Button 3.
u16ClusterID = 0x0006
u16BndgDest = Smartplug
u8DestEP = 1

Let me know if you have any other questions.