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I think there is a slight misunderstanding about how Conditions work in Wizards. For Example in one of your Wizard’s below:
When Light is off, at 8pm, every day
Turn Light on

The Gateway does not poll the Light device to check its status at 8pm. The way this works is If the Light device happens to Turn Off at 8pm then the Condition is met. To make the above Wizard work you simple have to remove the Light device from the Condition, so it would look like:
At 8:00 PM, every day, next on DD Month Year
Turn Off Light.

You would want to add a device in Conditions when you want to monitor the status of something. So its best to choose “Anytime” in Conditions with a Device. For example,
When Temp/Humidity Sensor: Humidity is greater than 60%, Anytime, every day, next on DD Month Year
Turn On Dehumidifier

I hope that helps clarify some misunderstandings about Wizards. We have a Wiki explaining Wizards: http://wiki.simplehomenet.com/index.php?title=ISmartenit_Wizards
Feel free to call/email me if you find any issues. Thanks for your help and support.

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