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Totally resurrecting this old thread, but I realized I never got back to you about my login issues. I’ve never resolved them, only worked around it.

When I first go to http://harmonygateway.com/ it *always* tells me there are no gateways found. This is both from a computer and the android app. I can refresh all I want, but it never finds my gateway. All I do to successfully log in is click “No, don’t try again”, close the next window, and hit “Back”. Then I’m suddenly logged in and all is well. I’ve doing this routine for the past several months, and it’s not terrible, but I’d like to get it to work properly.

I tried uploading my screenshots, but the forum gave me this error:
“Could not upload attachment to ./files/707_4cac2ec88f765631da39918902d1feb7.”

I’ll try emailing them to you.