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I’m using Insteon exclusively for the moment. Again, for whatever reason, I am now able to add devices from the PC. I still haven’t tried the Android app. Most worked fine, although an older lamplinc had to be added manually — the auto discover didn’t seem to take.

My biggest problem now is that every time I try to access my system at harmonygateway.com, it says “Welcome Back, David” but that I have no gateways registered to my account. If I close that window and click “Back” I can access my gateway. How does one register the gateway? I’ve saved and synced, but nothing seems to take. That’s why I was messing with the myhg.smartenit.com.

I’m having some problems where the timers (Wizards) don’t seem to behaving as I expect, but I’m still debugging. I just discovered the messaging feature, and I’ll use that like a log file.


Also, I totally dig the “sprinkler is active” animation. ūüôā