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Hi David,

. http://myhg.smartenit.com/index.php/ doesn’t have a record of my gateway, but http://harmonygateway.com/ finds it.

myhg.smartenit.com process has now been built into the App, so you no longer need to use that website. Just login to your account in the App and click on Discover Gateways to find your gateway.

I’m trying to add devices using the device discovery tool, it never works and around half the time the gateway hangs (for longer than 250secs) and needs to be rebooted, via unplugging.

What devices are you trying to add (Zigbee, Insteon or X10)? When you say gateway hangs, do you mean you can’t query it anymore as if its in a disconnected state? If yes, can you please check the LEDs on the gateway when that happens and let me know their state.

Add Devices
For Insteon devices:
Are you pressing the button on the Insteon device to be linked for about 4 secs? If yes, do you see a popup on the App saying “Adding Insteon Device with ID: XX:XX:XX”?

Zigbee devices: did you follow the factory reset procedure for the device to be added?

X10 devices: only the Manual Add method is available.

Just in case if you haven’t read the procedure, it is explained in the Quick Start Guide:

Please do not hesitate to Call/Email me.