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Excellent, thank you for clarifying that!

In the event that anyone from SHN is watching this thread:

I believe I understand enough about this to see why I have to manually install the resistors “out in the field” (i.e. it preserves maximum control for me between the contradictions of analog vs. digital operation on these inputs). I really think you should at least include and ship the 2 resistors with the product. I don’t keep a stock of resistors on hand and had to go to town to pick them up. Meanwhile (prior to installing them), the constant INSTEON network chatter on IN3/IN4 opening and closing was enough to cause serious issues on my network that is otherwise noise-free and flawless. I even had cases where the EZIO itself appeared to “disappear” and magically do things on its own (i.e. output 1 on, etc.). ūüôĀ

Things appear to be working great now…