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I talked to SHN and they determined the problem was one of the PLM’s. After finally getting a replacement, I still can’t get it to work. I can still connect my computer to the PLM, but not to the EZIO8.

This new PLM is different from the previous one. I now have two 5010K PLM’s. Both have the exact same sticker, but the new one has a grounded, three prong plug and a pass though outlet. The old one has only a two prong plug and no pass through.

I am powering the EZIO8 with the supplied power adapter. I’ve tried swapping the PLM’s and have tried both EZIO8’s with no success.

As was mentioned in the following forum topic, when I press the “all on” output button, I can hear the EZIO relays clicking and then the SHN utility retires resending the data again.

I’ve attached a screen shot showing a trace of the traffic. The first four are the inital attemp to contact the EZIO and the second four are when I pressed the “all on” button.