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I am the same person, just a different ID on the other forum. There should be entries in the right pane reflecting the commands issued in the left pane. Even if the EZIO8SA did not respond over the powerline the PLM must echo the serial command back to the SHN Utility. The lack of any echo from the PLM is an issue by itself. It indicates the PLM did not accept the serial command. Even if it was an invalid serial command the PLM is expected to echo the command back with a NAK. In addition the PLM identified itself as a Type 3.2A which is not listed as any PLM type I am familiar with.

These are what is expected from the PLM for the initial connection to an EZIO8SA. These should appear in the right pane

1 :9 0262 0DFC71 032800 06
1 :11 0250 0DFC71 13AC99 2B2800
1 from ID:0D.FC.71 flags:2B cmd1:28 cmd2:0
2 :9 0262 0DFC71 032B48 06
2 :11 0250 0DFC71 13AC99 2B2B28
2 from ID:0D.FC.71 flags:2B cmd1:2B cmd2:28
3 :9 0262 0DFC71 030F00 06
3 :11 0250 0DFC71 13AC99 2B0F00
3 from ID:0D.FC.71 flags:2B cmd1:F cmd2:0
4 :9 0262 0DFC71 030D00 06
4 :11 0250 0DFC71 13AC99 2B0D01
4 from ID:0D.FC.71 flags:2B cmd1:D cmd2:1

I am not an SHN employee. I do support the SHN Utility Suite, having added the PLM support code many years ago so I am very familiar with the PLM.