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Thanks for letting us know about the issue in the ZBMLC30 forum, we’ll look into that ASAP.

The ZBMLC30 has 3 relays but one of those relays is common…so it’s really a dual load controller. Sounds like you got all that info, but don’t realize what that means.

So, in the case of a dual speed pool pump for instance, you’ll have one wire for 120V, and two wires for the other side of the 120V for each speed of the pool pump. This will break both sides of the 120V then. You would only engage one load at a time for a dual speed pool pump, low or high speed.

You can engage both loads (red and yellow) wires if you have two difference loads, but you’ll want to ensure that the total capacity is at most 30 Amps, so 15A and 15A for two loads, max.

So to recap…blue wire on ZBMLC30 is the common relay which will engage when either the relay 1 (red wire) or relay 2 (yellow wire) is engaged. When no load relays are engaged the common relay is also disengaged.

I hope that helps,