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Wow, I was having some kind of moment when I posted that. I combined two different things I’m doing into one post – sorry about that! The waterfall is actually being handled by an EZFlora (it requires the 24v to drive the actuators), so it’s not an issue since it can only have one of the valves on at a time. That’s working perfectly.

What I’m ACTUALLY trying to accomplish with the EZIO4O is the heater, much simpler. Basically, I’m trying to be able to turn on only one of two settings, POOL or SPA. It’s a very simple connection, one common, one for spa, one for pool. They are NO connections. One should never be closed without the other being open.

The way I’m thinking I’ll do it is with ISY programs. Triggering either will run a program that queries the opposite one, if it’s on (THEN clause) turns it off, then queries it again and reruns the program to ensure it actually turned off, and if it’s off (the ELSE) then turns the requested one on. It seems like a reasonable solution, I think. Unless you see any reason that’s a bad idea. ūüôā

Sorry for the mixup earlier, thanks for the reply!