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After returning my EZIO6I for repair or replacment I was told by Simplehomenet via an email:

I’ve tested your EZIO and it appears that the EZIO6I and EZIO8SA don’t work in digital mode anymore, but it’ll be a while before our engineers can find out why.

When I inquired about this further to make sure that I understood that the two analog ports did not work in the default digital mode, I was told:

You can use all 6 inputs with no issue, you’ll just need to know where to set the trip points for the analog inputs. You can set the trip points with the SHN Utility software, which will need an interface with the computer (SmartLabs PLM, PLC or SimpleHomeNet EZIComm)

This will most likely not be fixed since the functionality can be accomplished by setting the inputs in analog mode and setting trip points.

So I’m now going to program the EZIO6I in analog mode and see if that will work as described. Of course it means I need to take my ISY offline to borrow the PLM since you need a PLM or a PLC to program the EZIO6I via the SHN Utility Suite software.