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Well, after using the V2 firmware since it came out, I never carefully read the scenes section in the documentation. For the specific case I’m looking for (customizing the ramp rate on a per-effect basis), this can be done with scenes and groups. I never put it together that the EZSrve can support a whole load of group IDs, and you can set a specific ramp and level for each device link within a group/scene. The scene can then be used in the Effect. Very cool.

When all else fails, RTFM, I suppose.

I would still like the ability to send a custom command, though. Given the lack of updates to this device over the last couple of years, it is more and more likely that we get our hands on a responder device type that isn’t recognized by the controller, and therefore won’t have the correct listing of available attributes in the Effects dropdown box.

Along those similar lines, I really hope SimpleHomeNet hasn’t abandoned us EZSrve users. I love this little box, and it can do so much as it is (XML interface!!), but time moves on. Native mobile device support still doesn’t exist (look at SmartLinc and MobileLinc to see how it should look). You guys apparently spent a ton of resources on the Harmony Gui, only to stop updating it a few months after it was released. I would love to know what your roadmap looks like for EZSrve support (without having to get a zigbee device)