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Normally zones are designed with the source water flow capacity in mind. Allowing multiple Zones could exceed the source water supply.

SOMETIMES true in the city, but if one has an irrigation pump (an option which the EZFlora DOES allow), it could easily be configured to do multiple zones at a time, and the cycleing shortens the life of the starter relays… and even urban settings often contain multiple zones which are geographically rather than capacity constrained at far less than the water supply (typically 20 gpm). These are your small flowerbed and soaker hose zones which COULD be run simultaneously without inhibiting house pressure, drastically shortening the cycle if it had even been considered as an option.

The EZFlora has a maximum Zone run time for each Zone. This prevents a Zone from running for hours should the automation fail to turn Off a Zone.

However, the EZIO channels can also be preloaded with a set of durations which will shut down the active zone should communication with the cntroller be lost. Or at least that’s what the documentation implies. And since I can’t be sure what any of those maximums are, I need to reload them from Indigo before starting a programmed schedule anyway…