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The EZSrve cannot be used as the SHN Utility interface to look at its own link records.

The link record in the In-Line Linc looks okay except for the Ramp Rate (LD2) which is set for 9 minutes. If this is a Dimmer rather than a Relay it would look like it is not responding to the Scene but actually responding very slowly.

Just to double check 06.4D.67 is the EZSrve address.

Could set the LD2 value to 1F just in case the Relay requires a positive Ramp Rate. I’ve not seen a Relay device need this but these are new devices.

If you have a spare KPL button that is not being used try a Set button link between a KPL button and the InLine Linc. If this works display the link records again and see what the InLine Linc generated for a link record itself.