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You need three PLMs or disconnect the ISY PLM from the ISY, and connect that PLM to a native Serial port on the PC. When the Simplehomenet Utility Suite starts up the first screen has an input field for the Serial Com port number on the PC. Enter the Serial Comm port number and click Connect.

The EZIO8SA requires a PLM for its own use. Most SHN devices have a PLM internal to the device. The EZIO8SA is the exception, requiring an external PLM. The Simplehomenet Utility Suite requires an EZSrve, PLM or PLC as a powerline interface. The Serial PLM used by the ISY can be used by the SHN Utility if the ISY PLM is connected to a native PC Serial Comm port.

Communication with the EZIO8SA is through its physically attached external PLM just as if the EZIO8SA had the PLM chip inside. The PLM Insteon address is the Insteon address of the EZIO8SA. The PLM used by the SHN Utility as the powerline interface is NOT modified in any way by the Utility. Using the ISY PLM for the powerline interface will not change anything the ISY has written into the PLM.