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Can you give me pinouts and I’ll make a new cable. Here is PA’s response to this problem I’m having.

I’m trying to sync my EZIO8SA with 2412S PLM and it comes up as EZIO8SA (IR-Linc Transmitter). There is no Input/Output Controller at the bottom of the window. I have used this device before albeit many Indigo versions before.

PA: I’m not understanding: does it show as an EZIO8SA or an IR-Linc Transmitter?

Try unplugging the EZIO8SA’s PLM and make sure the cable between the PLM and the EZIO8SA is seated well, then plug it back in and try the define & sync again.

At the bottom of the Indigo window where it should show an Input/Output Controller for the selected EZ device it shows (IR-Linc Transmitter). It’s also blank in the device state column.

In the Edit Device Window it has;

Model : IR-Linc Transmitter
Address: 05.E9.81
Firmware: 52

All of these are correct except for the Model. I last used this EZIO8SA and PLM two years ago and it worked fine. They have not been updated so the Firmware is the same as when I last used it.

I just did a reboot of my computer and re-synced the EZIO8SA and it’s the same.

PA: Did you try my suggestion above to unplug it? Also try resetting it.

If Indigo is reporting it is a IR-Linc Transmitter, then that means the INSTEON command that came from the EZIO8SA has the product ID code for the IR-Linc Transmitter and not the EZIO8SA.