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Since Indigo supports Direct messaging I don’t really need to link the EZIO4X2 to the PLM as responder and the PLM to the EZIO4X2 as controller?

Indigo doesn’t support Groups with the EZxx devices but it does with applianceLincs & lamplincs and some others as I can add these to a group scene but not an EZxx device.

I’m still not clear on Group vs Direct messaging. What’t the point of having two ways to do basically the same thing. Direct messaging seems better to me as it supports ACK but you don’t need to link?

Thanks to your tutorials I’m getting a better understanding of how things work. What I’m not sure about is the Link Record settings in the Utility. I understand them all except the Device Link Data.You said that the LD1/2/3 fields in the PLM Controller records are not used by the PLM and are often set to 00 00 00 so I presume they are used by the responder. If I am setting up linking how do I know what to set these to?

In you post you stated “The EZIO2X4 Inputs use Broadcast messages when there are no links and the Virtual Input Group number is zero (and the Configuration Register is set to enable Broadcast messages)”. Where is the Virtual Input Group setting and where is the Configuration Register to enable Broadcast messages?