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Those are Indigo messages (Indigo interpretation of the Insteon response) which mean something to Indigo but means nothing to me. I am familiar with the actual Insteon responses if those are traced and can be posted. – How do I see the actual Insteon responses ?

Matt indicates Indigo Actions can be used which do not require any links to the output relays. What is driving the desire to create links and use Group commands rather than Direct commands? When I was trying to create links and use Group commands I didn’t realize Indigo uses Direct Commands for the outputs. If Indigo is using direct commands to operate the EZIO4X2 outputs then is Indigo using the ACK message function?

Also I ran into unreliability problems with my EZIO6I because Indigo sets it up using Broadcast messages. Maybe I’m confusing the operating functions of Broadcast Messages & On,Off Group commands. Can both inputs & outputs use Group commands?

As I remember it is always inputs I have problems with and Indigo uses broadcast messages for inputs. It looks like Indigo uses direct commands to operate the outputs and broadcast messages for inputs. I’m waiting to hear from Matt but I think I can use Group commands for inputs but they have to be set with the SHN Utility or using the set buttons.

This is a steep learning curve for me. I wish there was book I could read on it! I really want to understand it so I can get the best out of my devices.

I’ll digest your last post and also see what Matt says regarding Indigo and group commands on inputs the go from there. I’m going to gather all the info form my posts and print it out as there is lots of good info there to get a grip on.

thanks again for all your help!