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You’re talking over my head, I have to catch up! Sorry for so many posts and questions but I’ve never had much luck with your devices and I’m trying hard to get them to work. I think it’s because Indigo can’t set links in the EZ devices and uses only broadcast messages. I think you can set the links manually (I’m checking with PA on this) using the set buttons but I’m trying to use the SHN Utility. What is the Virtual Input Group number and where is it displayed? Where can I find the Configuration Register to see if it is set to enable Broadcast messages?

Matt at PA says;

Yes, you can send Insteon DIrect Commands via AppleScript. But why not use the Action in the UI to control the relay? I’m referring to the action type “Control Input/Outpud Device”, then choose either “Turn On Output” or “Turn Off Output.” Those actions send that exact direct INSTEON commands (0x45).

Here is my log when activating the EZIO4X2 outputs, is this the correct response when linking is set correctly?

2011-03-05 10:01:33 AM
Sent INSTEON “EZIO2X4 – output 1” on (ack: 1, 0)
Sent INSTEON “EZIO2X4 – output 2” on (ack: 1, 1)
Sent INSTEON “EZIO2X4 – output 2” off (ack: 1, 0)
Sent INSTEON “EZIO2X4 – output 1” off (ack: 0, 0)