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I think that will work but have only limited testing and that was back when the Dual Band was first released. All the basic PLM commands are the same so a Serial Dual Band looks like a Serial 2412 command wise. As you say an external power supply is needed. Of course the link database is smaller (not an issue for an individual device) and the start address is different. I would try a Set button link with one of the EZIO8SA Inputs as a Controller linked to almost any Responder. I don’t remember the EZIO8SA firmware having an issue with the different link database start address (just depends on the PLM commands issued) but that has been too long ago to be sure. If a Set button link works then I think everything else will (assuming application software will handle the different link database size and origin). With the advent of the EZICOMM I don’t believe SHN has needed to test that combination.