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I got all the links for the 2413U and there were 55 of them. I don’t have that many Insteon devices so I matched up the addresses of the devices I have to the links as shown below. The links that don’t match up are at the bottom, I should be able to delete those right? Is there any other way to clean up unused links other than delete them?

You say the links database starts at 1FF8 but I don’t see anything that corresponds to that number. Wouldn’t the end of my active link list in the PLM be Link Rec 55 as seen below?

If I delete the unused links recs can I write new ones in the deleted ones place? For example if I delete link rec 4 can I write a new link rec 4?

I can see only one link exists for the EZX10RF button one so I can write the links for the other 3 buttons.



ApplianceLinc 0F.80.D8
ApplianceLinc V2 07.B7.16
ApplianceLinc V2 07.B7.50
ApplianceLinc V2 07.CD.86
ApplianceLinc V2 07.CE.D1
ApplianceLinc V2 07.CF.B3
ApplianceLinc V2 07.D0.42
ApplianceLinc V2 07.D1.8E
ApplianceLinc V2 07.D2.0D
ApplianceLinc V2 07.D3.A7
ApplianceLinc V2 08.28.A7
EZIO82X4 Input/Output Controller 09.FB.D9
EZX10RF Wireless Sensor Receiver 08.9B.59
ICON Appliance 04.D8.6F
ICON Appliance 04.D8.73
ICON Appliance 13.55.08
ICON Appliance 13.55.38
ICON Appliance 13.55.4C
ICON Appliance 13.55.9B
ICON Appliance 13.56.D1
LampLinc V2 04.D2.1F
Motion Sensor 14.17.23
RemoteLinc 0C.48.97
ToggleLinc V2 Relay 05.9D.9B
TriggerLinc 13.E4.C7
TriggerLinc 13.E5.ED