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Sorry, I misunderstood that post. The link records in the EZX10RF should be Controller of links with the Insteon address pointing to the PLM. The link records in the PLM should be Responder to links with the Insteon address of the EZX10RF. The EZX10RF is functioning as a Controller, the PLM is functioning as a Responder.

You can write link records into a PLM with the SHN Utility when it is not the PLM being used by the Utility for powerline access. The Link Database Size: for a 2413 is Medium (link database starts at 1FF8). Verify this by displaying link records in the 2413 before writing new ones. You need to find the end of the active link list in the PLM anyway. All of my 2413 PLMs start the link database at 1FF8.

If you have any problems with all of this you should be able to use the Set button method, using the PLM Set button when time to identify the Responder. Some later PLMs (internal in the EZX10RF) may need an extra tap of the EZX10RF Set button to complete the linking process after what is described as the last 4 second EZX10RF Set button tap. I think the blue shaded area of the Quick Start guides have been updated to reflect this.