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I linked all 4 buttons on an X10 remote to an ApplianceLinc. I did the buttons 1 & 2 manually using the set buttons and buttons 3 & 4 using the Utility. The first two buttons control the ApplianceLinc but 3 & 4 do not. The Link records show buttons # & 4 are setup up correctly as shown below.

After selecting buttons 1 & 2 on and off a few times there is no response from the ApplianceLinc. If I do a “Display Link Records” from the utility it seems to wake up the EZX10RF although buttons 3 & 4 still do not work. I just want to make sure you think it’s the EZX10RF at fault before I send it in.

By the way how do I go about sending it to you for repair/update?