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It sounds like you may have intermittent comm. problems, with having to retry operations. Could also be that there has not been enough time elapsed to complete a particular step before proceeding to the next. The Insteon Traffic tab will show the command activity as it is happening.

Each X10 code defined is represented by an “X10 Code Record (Virtual Input)”. For a Code Record to be active and generate an Insteon Group sequence, the following would be set.

Code Index 1 (incremented for each new X10 code defined)
Linked – checked – indicates a link record for the Group number has been created
In-Use – checked – indicates this X10 Code Record is “in-use”
Timer Mins – delays the Off command
X10 House
X10 Unit
Group – the group number to be used by the X10 House/Unit code
From Off to On
Cmd1 = Insteon command sent when X10 On – 11 Insteon On – default
Cmd2 – Insteon bright level for On command
From On to Off
Cmd1 = Insteon command sent when X10 Off – 13 Insteon Off – default
Cmd2 – set to 0 for Insteon Off command – default

Suggest defining an X10 code using the Quick Start Guide procedure, then look at the fields for that definition. That will provide a working model to pattern any remaining codes. If you do everything manually you will have to understand link record content and write the necessary link records in the EZX10RF and the responder device to complete the code definition. The Set button method described in the Quick Start guide does this as part of the Set button process which is another reason for doing the code definitions with the Set button.