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OK I’m slowly getting it. The Setup X10 House/Unit Filter allows me to choose which X10 Units/Codes I want the EZX10RF to accept. If I select a House Code, deselect all the checked boxes, select Write and then none will be accepted….. correct?

It’s the Settings For X10 Code Records (Virtual Inputs) that I’m having trouble with. If I want to use X10 P1 on a remote then I select P in X10 House and 1 in X10 Unit, and Group number for the Insteon transmitted button/group number (X10 P1 = Insteon Button/Group 1).

For the other fields I’m stumped, can you help me here please?

Sometimes when I select read or write I get an Insteon TImeout Message and I have to retry, what’s this mean?

How come you guys don’t write this utility for the Mac, it’s really great!