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Are you using your EZSrve’s local IP to login with the HarmonyGUI?

Yes. I’ve tried with “http://” and without and it makes no difference.

Just to make sure…with the HTML interface you use “EZServe” and password…with the HarmonyGUI you use the local IP of your EZSrve and password.


What is your zip code? Perhaps your zip code is not in the database for the website that gets the long/lat coordinates and you may need to just enter manually until the website is updated.

I tried 6 different Zip codes and none worked. Manual latitude and longitude work OK but I still have the persistence problem. I had FireFox crash on me while I was on another site but with a window open to my EZSrve. When I restarted FF and checked the EZSrve the Sunrise & Sunset times were wrong again.

The clock on the bottom of the screen was referring to the HarmonyGUI interface..


The HTML interface does not display the correct firmware version, you can rely on the discovery tool to give you the correct version.


The screenshot is attached. Note the IP address on my EZSrve. Would this make a difference to the Flash UI???