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1) You’re using compacta.org not harmonygateway.com, correct?

Yes and now I can successfully log into the SHN EZSrve using the Flash interface but I still can not log into my own EZSrve.

2) You enter your zip code in the locate address, you select your time zone from the drop down, then you select ” Save Settings”

Zip code does not work. Entering the Zip Code and clicking “Find Location” simply does nothing. I have to enter Latitude and Longitude and click “Save” to get the Sunrise & Sunset times to set correctly. Note that just now as I was looking at my EZSrve Location Configuration screen the Sunrise and Sunset times were wrong again. Clicking “Save” reset them to the correct values. I don’t knwo why the got lost but I have a number of lights that are on sunrise and sunset timings so this is a problem for me.

3) Then you double-click the clock at the bottom and select NTP, then click on save.

I have the Date and Time on the Server Configuration screen, no “clock at the bottom” on my screen. I don’t have any issues with the clock, date, time zone and NTP setting persisting.

My EZSrve identifies itself as having f/w version 02.06.10 PLM ver 63 but the java utility identifies the firmware as 02.06.16. Is this the right f/w? Your description of the clock setting screen sounds different from mine. I also have a red error message on the top of my Server Configuration screen: “Object Not Found”. What does this mean?