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I installed the new ICON dimmer today. Good news is that I can control the light correctly from the EZSrve. However I stumbled into another issue. This new dimmer replaced a dimmer that failed. Once the new dimmer was installed I wanted to delete the old dimmer from the EZSrve (called ENTRY) and rename the new dimmer (ENTRY2) to the old name. No issue in deleting the old dimmer name and in renaming the new dimmer on the DEVICES screen but when I went to the actions associated with this dimmer the actions were empty. OK, easy enough, I’ll use the pulldown to reconnect the action to the new dimmer. However the new dimmer (now renamed ENTRY) was not listed as a device choice on the action. I looked at the second action associated with this dimmer and it was the same. OK, so I’ll restart the EZSrve. After restarting the EZSrve the new dimmer name (ENTRY) was in the pull down list and I was able to complete the updating of the action. This whole process was much harder than it should have been.

I hadn’t left my computer for 10 minutes when the entry light came on. Wrong time. I investigated the action and it looked OK. I looked at the sunrise/sunset settings (ENTRY is set to turn on relative to sunset) and they were all wacky. The restart must have left garbage values in the sunrise/sunset times (please fix this). I reset those and now I’ll see if all the lights/devices come on and go off as they should.