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Hello Don,

I’m sorry to hear of all the troubles you’re having there and I’m happy to see that Lee has helped you work around most of the concerns. We’re working on the firmware for the EZSrve and appreciate all feedback so we can make the device as bullet-proof as possible with the new HarmonyGUI.

With the action you’ve set up…what I’m understanding is that you set up an action to start at an absolute time then set a delay to turn it off after 3 minutes and then on again after 3 minutes.

If you delays were set up as 0, 3, and 3…then the last two effects would happen at the same time, as the delay is offset from the beginning time of the action, not from the last effect.

You’d need to set it up as 0, 3, 6 for 3 minute intervals.

I hope that helps.