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I am running Adobe Flash 10,1,102,64. IE8 8.0.6001.18701. I enter http://www.compata.org under IE8 to invoke the Harmony client from the SHN server. Once the initial Harmony client screen is displayed I enter into the Server URL field and Simplehomenet into the Password field. Very odd that the Java Discovery Tool can communicate with EZSrve to be able to list the EZSrve firmware level but the Flash client cannot login in. Under the Java Discovery Tool, left click the entry for EZSrve running 2.6.16, right click and select Connect. A popup will display requesting the Password. Is this login successful?

EDIT: forgot to include the port number. I’m pretty sure the Harmony client uses for 8002. I have a Java program that uses the same interface. It was used for testing a year or so ago. It uses port 8002