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1. OK
2. OK
3. I didn’t specify a device type, I let the system decide by querying the dimmer
4. OK, but a pain
5. I didn’t realize that I had not set NTP last night when I upgraded. That was at around midnight. This morning when I was looking to see why all the overnight timers had failed I looked at the time to see if it was set correctly. That was at 7:30 AM but the EZSrve thought it was 8:41 PM. I set NTP and now it seems to be running fine.
6. The test Action does not display correctly. If I select the test Action (named “Office”) the Action is Disabled without a condition checked and the Condition is empty. The Action screen shows Attribute= “Select Attribute” and Value=”undefined” for Effect 1. However the XML looks like this:

7. I set up a test Action that had 3 effects: turn light on to 0xFF; turn light on to 0x9A with 3 minute delay; turn light off (0x00) with 3 minute delay. What happened was the light turned ON at the correct time (set by the Condition); 3 minutes later the light turned to 0x9A brightness for just a few seconds and then turned off.