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OK so I upgraded my EZSrve firmware last night. Numerous issues:

1) I used the upgrade utility to upgrade and I selected it to install 2.06.16. On the utility it is listed as a “Beta”; is it a Beta?
2) The EZServe identifies it’s firmware as 2.06.10, PLM version 63
3) The Icon dimmer still installs as device type OTHER (sigh …)
4) The Location Configuration does not respond to just a zip code, or a city, I had to load the latitude and longitude manually
5) If you don’t set the Date and Time to use an NTP then it doesn’t keep the correct time (it is off by hours)
6) I have an Action (ID=0) that I used for testing but now will not delete (other Actions delete OK)
7) If I have 2 Effects, each separated by 3 minutes, the first Effect works fine but the second effect only lasts a matter of seconds

So in general I’m not happy. This has been a lot of work and I still don’t have a functioning Icon dimmer. On a positive note, once I figured out how the Conditions/Actions stuff worked it is pretty cool.

Suggestions on any/all of these points?