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This is a good discussion. I didn’t realize there was an API for PW reset, but wouldn’t that mean the SHN would have to have the correct PW? I think what happened in my case was I changed it on the road from my laptop, then had some German beer. The SHN I run on the local network from a different computer (my workstation).

Answers to questions:

After I reset, I loaded 2.06.12 (strange that it shows as 02.06.10 on screen) The backup was taken with 2.06 (the last image that I could download from the support->downloads menu off the SimpleHomeNet Web site. I loaded the new one with the discovery tool. Then uploaded the XML files created on the 2.06 image to it by connecting to it and uploading the files. I restarted after that, and then again with the timezone set. It currently shows the correct local time (13:22) and Sunrise Time: 07 : 09 Sunset Time: 17 : 29 for Round Rock, TX (which is pretty dang close to what I see).

Timer based conditions are not working. I can control individual devices from the EZserv, but the timer based scenes are not working right. I also added a new Christmas scene (the reason to look for the PW) and it isn’t working either.

Are the actions viewable? Yes. They look normal.

And, is it a best practice to create an area named Scenes and add the Scene devices to it to control them. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this until now.