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Thanks for the response; from a development perspective, I totally understand where you’re coming from.

From a consumer perspective, while I hugely appreciate free firmware upgrades, I do feel there’s a responsibility to issue some advance warning when the update might necessitate a new purchase – otherwise, my default assumption is that you’ve tested with the range of hardware that’s out there, and not found any issues.

It makes sense that there would be a cut-off on how far back you want to support legacy hardware (and in fact, I checked the readme ahead of installing to make sure there were no disclaimers of that nature), so I wouldn’t begrudge a message that says those of us with older hardware are excluded from a particular upgrade – I would just want to know ahead of time so that I don’t waste time debugging / don’t unwittingly install an upgrade that could necessitate a new purchase.

Anyhow, my particular situation worked out (and v52 seems to have no issues with 2.06 for what it’s worth). I still strongly recommend that you add a warning to your readme.