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I have implemented the mem check as you described. One of my testers has an EZIO2X4 and a EZIO40, both devices report the 3FFF memory size and Report the Engine Revision as 2, but if I look for link records they are not there. I do find the link records at 0FFF. So Im a bit confused, because the device(s) act like it has a large memory based on the 1 2 3 method you detailed. Are you familure with these devcies? Are the link records at 3FFF or 0FFF?

Also the revision returned is 2 but if I send an Extended 0x2F It fails to send the Extended reply with the link record every time. I can get the link record by using the Peek 0x28 0x2B method but not the i2 command 0x2F.

Any Ideas on where Im going wrong or what my misunderstanding might be?