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The Dual Band aspect of any of the Smarthome devices does not matter as far as the functional aspect of the base device. It should function as any other Switchlinc as far as the SwitchLinc function is concerned. The message suggests that there are problems communicating with the device. Does the paddle control the local load correctly? What type of load is being controlled, incandescent bulb, CFL, etc.?

The best way I have found to trouble shoot a problem like this is to connect the device to an ApplianceLinc power cord available from most any home improvement store. This type of power cord has a plug on one end and bare wires on the other. Easy to connect to an Insteon device and can be plugged into the same circuit as the EZSrve. If it works at the EZSrve site than some form of interference, noise, type of load, is likely at the original site.

I have misread an Insteon address label. Taking a B for an 8. Can double check the address being used.