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Hey folks

Another question from me (and a big thanks to grif for helping me with the last one – working perfectly now, so much obliged)

OK – like I said in my last post, I was working with a test switch which was running on my local network with IP address going through the default port of 8002 (apparently)

However, now I’m trying to roll out the finished product to the client, and they have furnished me with the public IP of their Insteon EZServe switch. I know that the IP address/port is correct, as I am able to browse to it and control it via http in the SimpleHomeNet application. However, when i try to connect to it in my application, it seems that it is just not making a connection. My connect method is shown below (I don’t want to include the actual IP address for obvious reasons, but the port that it is using is 81 if that makes a difference).

I hope this is not too technical, and this is the correct place to post this, but I was hoping that somebody would have some insight as to why this connect method would work correctly for my local switch, but not one over a public IP – it might have something to do with authentication, which didn’t seem to be required to form a connection to the EZServe switch on the local network.

public void Connect()
ezsrveIPAddress = IPAddress.Parse(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings[“AHAUS.ControlCenter.SwitchIP”].ToString());
ezsrvePort = int.Parse(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings[“AHAUS.ControlCenter.SwitchPort”].ToString());
ezsrveTcpClient = new TcpClient(ezsrveIPAddress.ToString(), ezsrvePort);
ezsrveTcpClient.ReceiveTimeout = 2000;
ezsrveStream = ezsrveTcpClient.GetStream();

isConnected = true;

Hope somebody can help me out, and once again, thanks for your time.